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Our organization strives to be an environmental leader on campus and in our community.

Annual Sustainability Report 2021 – UCI

Despite UC Irvine shifting to remote learning and work in fiscal year 2020 – 21, the campus persevered in maintaining its sustainable operations and engagement. UC Irvine is leveraging the lessons of the pandemic to continue to adapt and strengthen its sustainable practices for the years ahead.

2021 Annual Report on Sustainability – UCI

Sierra Cool Schools
AASHE STARS Platinum rating
LEED Certification

Green Building

LEED Gold Certified
IACC Green Star Certified

 The Green Committee

The Green Committee promotes and encourage efforts to exercise environmental awareness in the Student Center. The members make policy and spending decisions in key areas such as housekeeping, engineering, front office, and maintenance.

Joe Ayoub



Assistant Director

Tony Gonzalez



Building Maintenance Supervisor

Daryl Han



A/V Manager

Greg Rosas Goss


Rosas Goss

Environmental Services Manager

Zero Waste

Triple Stations

Indoor triple-stream recycling stations are installed throughout the Student Center. The three bins are color coded black for landfill, green for compost, and blue for recyclables.

Each bin is equipped with signage to help with sorting. When items are properly composted or recycled, they can become value resources like energy, soil or turned into new products like aluminum. Recycling existing materials takes 95% less energy than it does to create new materials.

Bigbelly Solar Compactors

Newly installed Bigbelly trash cans with convenient foot pedals for handless operation are a visible commitment to sustainability at the Student Center.

These smart trash cans use cloud-driven technologies for a real-time management system that improves operational performance and organizational efficiency. Solar-powered sensors measure a can’s capacity and signals a compactor that presses the trash down. This allows each Bigbelly to collect eight times more waste than standard bins. The sensors communicate real-time status to collection crews and sends an email notification to staff that indicates how full they are. Recycling diversion rates can be more accurately measured and have the potential to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel costs by reducing the number of scheduled collections.

Bigbelly Solar Compactor Real-Time Reports

Station Fullness

Percentage of stations that are full, by type

Station Contents

Ratio of collected trash to recyclables

The Student Center’s Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Signage

We Communicate Our Commitment

When visiting the Student Center, guests know how our organization is practicing sustainability and how to be green themselves at our sustainability stations. Temperature-controlled thermostats boast UCI’s annual “Cool School” ranking, water refill stations stand out at water fountains, and signage at waste stations communicate how to dispose of waste responsibly.


Smart Irrigation and Drought Tolerant Landscaping

The drip irrigation system conserves water and adjusts for rain on the Student Center’s drought-tolerant landscaping. These low-water solutions are colorful, at times fragrant, and reduce maintenance costs all while adding a visual appeal.

EcoSmart aerosols (an all-natural product made with essential oils from plants and trees, water, and carbon dioxide), natural diatomaceous earth (an all-natural product made from tiny fossilized water plants), and physical barricade techniques are used instead of traditional pest control products.

Solar Panels

Solar Power

The Student Center rooftops are home to an 85-kilowatt solar panel system.

On the Terrace, two ConnecTable solar charging outdoor workstations allow guests to charge their electronic devices with off-grid and eco-friendly energy. The tables’ solar panels can charge up to 150 hand-held devices a day and include LED lighting for continued use at night.


Automatic Flushers and Faucets

Faucets and flushers reduce water consumption and are also automatic, thereby increasing sanitation for Student Center guests.

Automatic System Compared to Previously Installed Standard System

System Current Water Use Old Water Use
Faucets 0.5
gallons per minute
gallons per minute
Flushers 1.6
gallons per flush
gallons per flush
Urinals 0.25
gallons per flush
gallon per flush

Smart Lighting

The Student Center was honored by the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference with the 11th annual Best Practice Award for lighting design.

Adjustable LED lighting system reduces power usage by 25%. The adjustable lighting at the Cross-Cultural Center and most places in the Student Center allow conference guests to adjust lighting to use only what they need while lights automatically either dim or shut off in motionless offices and venues.

Dining Services

Dining at the Student Center

UCI Dining Services, grand prize winner of the 2019 NACUFS Award for Sustainability, focuses on reducing the environmental impact through sustainability programs and initiatives. Biodegradable containers are used for most to-go items and biodegradable plates are used in most retail dining locations within the Student Center. All locations are Styrofoam-free. Reusable cup discounts are available.

UCI Dining Services Sustainability

Window Tining

Window Tinting

By tinting hundreds of windows in Student Center North and Student Center South buildings, energy loads were decreased and outside heat entering the building reduced by 95%. Additional benefits include an eye-catching aesthetic and added security.

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