Viewpoint Gallery

Viewpoint Gallery

In keeping with the spirit of Chancellor Gillman’s Illuminations program, an enduring commitment to making “the arts a deeper and more pervasive part of the student experience,” the Crystal Cove Auditorium lobby has undergone a transformation into a gallery for traveling art exhibits.

Exhibit Your Art

Exhibitors interested in displaying artwork in the Viewpoint Gallery may fill out this form. Email the form to or submit the printed form to the Student Center & Event Services administrative office during business hours.


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Past Exhibits

  Date Exhibit
Saved: Objects of the Dead January 28 – February 17, 2020

Saved: Objects of the Dead

Artists: Jody Servon and Lorene Delany-Ullman

In a combination of art and prose, Jody Servon and Lorene Delany-Ullman explore the conversation of death and remembrance and how everyday objects can hold both old and new life.

UCI Illuminations

Auditory Memories November 19 – December 12, 2019

Auditory Memories

Artist: Arnold Starr, M.D., Ph.D., Chair of the UCI Department of Neurology

Established by founding chair of the UCI Department of Neurology, Arnold Starr, M.D., the 9th Annual Arnold Starr Lecture and Exhibition features over 30 pieces of artwork exploring the history of auditory neuropathy, as well as the latest research in the field.

About the Event UCI Illuminations

Experimental Engagements November 7 – November 17, 2019

Experimental Engagements

Variety of photographs and art pieces that show the various works of a “world out of balance.” 33rd annual meeting and event for the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts (SLSA) in partnership with UCI Illuminations.

About the Conference UCI Illuminations

Focus Iran 3 October 5 – November 6, 2019

Focus Iran 3: Contemporary Photography and Video

Juried exhibition featuring international photography and video works from emerging and mid-career artists. This year’s theme positions a lens on Iranian youth culture with works selected for their multi-faceted and intriguing views into young Iranians and how they navigate their lives.

Farhang Foundation UCI Illuminations

Undergraduate Photography Exhibit September 20 – October 3, 2019

Undergraduate Photography Exhibit 2019

UCI undergraduate students were challenged to capture photographic images of the plants and animals of the California landscape.

About the Exhibit UCI Illuminations

City of Lights and Violence June 10 – June 16, 2019

City of Lights and Violence

Artist: Cheyenne Read

Photography exhibit about the “Paris Massacre,” the October 17, 1961 Algerian protest in Paris during the Algerian War of decolonization.

Visualizing Toxic Subjects May 28 – June 2, 2019

Visualizing Toxic Subjects

The Center for Ethnography 2018-2019 annual program, Visualization in Ethnography includes a collaborative design project, Visualizing Toxic Subjects in which participants will collect, annotate, and share ethnographic visualizations, working to update ways of thinking about and using a variety of visual materials in the conduct and expression of ethnography.

UCI Center for Ethnography Visualization in Ethnography

Burning Time May 6 – May 23, 2019

Burning Time

Artists: Jonathan Alexander, Ph.D. and Antoinette LaFarge, M.F.A.

Burning Time is a graphic book collaboration between Professors Jonathan Alexander (English Department) and Antoinette LaFarge (Art Department) that explores the intimacies of imagined memory and sexuality. The book consists of a cycle of eight poems and associated panoramic paintings to tell the story of a young gay man arriving in New Orleans in the late 1950’s to start a new life. The project began with a trove of photographs that Jonathan Alexander was unexpectedly given at a family retreat, forgotten images that gave him a poignant glimpse into the life of a long-dead gay uncle. He began to imagine what his uncle’s life must have been like, arriving in New Orleans from rural Louisiana as a very young man in the middle of the 20th century. In conjuring his imagined version of this man’s life, Jonathan soon realized that his words needed equally evocative images to create an emotional correlative of the uncle’s experiences, and he invited Antoinette LaFarge into the project. Text and image interweave to evoke a particular time and place while also summoning the timelessness of self-exploration and desire—experience reimagined as mythic adventure.

UCI Illuminations

Masks of Sri Lanka: Face to Face Communication April 29 – May 5, 2019

Masks of Sri Lanka: Face to Face Communication

This exhibit features photographs of traditional ritual masks of Sri Lanka. While some masks belong to folk entertainment, others fulfill a more important social function of curing illness. The origins and myths related to traditional masks goes as far back as 2,500 years. These ritual masks were part of traditional beliefs in the community that provided stability for natives during pre-colonial period.

The curator, Danushi De Silva, is an International Student from Sri Lanka. She is a double major in International Studies and Sociology graduating in Spring 2019. Danushi is an honors student in Sociology in the 2018 – 2019 cohort and her research topic focuses on the rehabilitated child soldiers of LTTE in post war Sri Lanka. Danushi’s exhibit Face to Face Communication includes photographs of traditional ritual masks of Sri Lanka.

UCI Illuminations

Thresholds April 22 – April 26, 2019


UCI’s Art History Undergraduate Association hosts their annual art exhibit. The show highlights a selection of works by various members of the UC Irvine community. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, digital, and multimedia pieces reflect the way life changes all around us, what it means to be in a liminal space, and the personal transformations we undergo throughout our lives.

Opposite Ends April 5 – April 11, 2019

Opposite Ends

Artist: Joseph Lara

Joseph Lara’s first art gallery titled Opposite Ends serves to showcase the various ways in which he is currently establishing his brand. You can expect artwork that not only ignites conversation but ideas, as well. Lastly, he hopes to create a memorable enough experience to inspire viewers with the same vision that inspires him.

Joseph Lara is a 20-year old designer from Los Angeles, California. While on summer vacation before his third year at the University of California, Irvine he decided to pursue his passion of designing clothes. Through his own clothing label coined Opposite Ends he hopes to inspire those around him to pursue their own passion, whatever that may be. Lastly, through art, passion and creativity, he hopes to ignite a lively dialogue concerning the theme of Opposite Ends.

88 Cores January 29 – February 8, 2019

88 Cores

Artist: Peggy Weil

The 88 Cores exhibit features images from a four-and-a-half hour descent, two miles deep through the Greenland Ice Sheet. The ice sheet dates back more than 110,000 years and was drilled between 1989 and 1993 as part of the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 sponsored by The National Science Foundation. The fourth in a series of underground landscapes by Weil, 88 Cores is a photographic narrative of climate history and the gravity of climate change.

About the Exhibit

Arnold Starr November 28 – December 10, 2018

Art, Science and the Space Between

Artist: James Hubbell and Arnold Starr, M.D., Ph.D., Chair of the UCI Department of Neurology

The annual Arnold Starr Lecture was established in 2010 to honor the founding chair of the UCI Department of Neurology and the founder of the field of auditory neuropathy. This year’s theme “Art, Science and the Space Between” focuses on the exploration of and parallels between sculptural work and watercolor art. This weeklong art exhibition ended with a reception and lecture featuring both artists James Hubbell and Arnold Starr at the Crystal Cove Auditorium.

About the Exhibit

Poverty Awareness Art Gallery November 9 – November 16, 2018

Poverty Awareness Art Gallery

Artists: David Freeman, Brian Peterson and Jamie Ludovise

InSight Magazine, a student-run publication focusing on poverty and homelessness, curated a photo gallery exhibiting the faces of the people experiencing homelessness and hunger. Promoting the nationwide initiative for Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week in collaboration with multiple student groups and community organizations, the photo gallery challenged the public’s perception of a “day in the life” of a homeless person.

InSight Magazine

UCI Libraries 3rd Annual ZineFest May 30 – May 31, 2018

UCI Libraries 3rd Annual ZineFest

The event highlights zine making, button making, mingling with local Zinesters and more!

Lumen de Terra May 7 – May 11, 2018

Lumen de Terra

UCI’s Art History Undergraduate Association hosts their sixth annual art exhibit. This year’s theme revolves around earth, nature, and the environment.

InSight Magazine Launch Week April 20 – April 27, 2018

InSight Magazine Launch Week

A week long gallery that showcased the artwork and photography of the magazine’s collaborators.

InSight Magazine

Refugee Awareness Week - Art and Photography Exhibit January 16 – January 22, 2018

Refugee Awareness Week – Art & Photography Exhibit

Artists: David Verberckt and Sun Mu

Exhibit of photographs of Rohingya refugees by David Verberckt and artwork by North Korean defector and political pop artist Sun Mu.

In today’s polarized society, the word “refugee” has become increasingly politicized. Through Refugee Awareness Week at UCI, we hope to address misconceptions about refugees by understanding the processes of war, persecution, and other mechanisms of displacement that have forced an unprecedented 65.6 million people from their homes. We also hope to humanize the word “refugee” by sharing and understanding refugee stories, and by celebrating and enhancing their contributions to their host communities.

Neuralscapes October 16 – November 1, 2017


Artist: Arnold Starr, M.D., Ph.D., Chair of the UCI Department of Neurology

I am a neurologist/neuroscientist (Professor of Neurology/Neurobiology at University of California Irvine) and an artist. I began painting while in medical school to help understand the structures being studied. As a neurologist I became especially interested in individuals with disordered sensation and cognition and their consequences for “perception”. The act of “seeing” requires complex interactions between sensory inputs and our expectations. I use watercolors favoring vivid hues to reflect scenes of nature, water, and nerve cells. I want the viewer to think while looking and the process of “seeing” may often be accompanied by an unconscious smile.

About the Exhibit

Focus Iran 2 September 16 – October 13, 2017

Focus Iran 2

The second biennial juried exhibition of contemporary photography and video works relating to Iranian culture or heritage. The exhibition features an international selection of emerging and mid-career artists from around the world who offer diverse perspectives of contemporary Iranian life. The group exhibition features thirty-six photographs and eight video works.

About the Exhibit Jordan Center for Persian Studies at UCI

Through Refugee Eyes May 8 – 12, 2017

Through Refugee Eyes

What are the underlying causes of the refugee crises? What are the challenges refugees face in camps, and what are their long-term aspirations? More importantly, what steps can we take in our local community to address these crises? Explore these questions and more as we seek to gain perspective and understanding “Through Refugee Eyes.”

Hearts of Mercy at UCI

AHUA Under the Scope April 11 – 14, 2017

Art History Undergraduate Association (AHUA) 5th Annual Art Show
Under the Scope

The mission of the Art History Undergraduate Association is to encourage undergraduates to pursue shared interests and passions for art by connecting them to a network of faculty, alumni, and students.

Art History Undergraduate Association

Plastic Ocean Art Exhibit January 12 – February 13, 2017

Plastic Ocean Art Exhibit

The project is bringing awareness about the growing pandemic of marine plastics across the country by turning it into art and leaving it on display at public venues.

Water UCI

War Diaries November 9 – 29, 2016

War Diaries

When the invasion began in 2003, Lt. Tim McLaughlin commanded a Marine Corps tank into Iraq. Writer Peter Maass and photographer Gary Knight drove rental cars. This project is the result of their paths crossing in the Iraqi desert-turned-warzone. Diaries and Memories of War in Iraq features McLaughlin’s remarkable war diaries along with photographs by Knight and texts by Maass. The exhibit also features a video installation using news footage from 2003 to enhance the atmosphere of the invasion era.

Humanities Commons Documenting War UCI Illuminations

Music in Motion October 12 – 20, 2016

Music in Motion

A public art installation developed in collaboration with Pacific Symphony, and featuring contributions from faculty and students in the Dance, Music and Drama departments, Music in Motion is a live online “video booth” designed for community locations.

UCI Illuminations

Views of Crystal Cove May 11 – 28, 2016

Views of Crystal Cove

Student photography exhibit of Crystal Cove State Park, which encompasses 3.2 miles of Pacific coastline, inland canyons and the Crystal Cove Historic District with its colony of beach houses and ties to the early days of the California film industry. Whether their recollections are of mountain biking on the park’s inland trails, scuba diving offshore, or a romantic stroll at sundown, the park has become a favorite retreat for many UCI students.

UCI Illuminations

Transcending Limitations May 2 – 5, 2016

Transcending Limitations

Works by artists from the UCI community. By encouraging the expression of individual limitations through art, the Art History Undergraduate Association hopes to explore the way that students, faculty, and alumni choose to express, conceal, and identify aspects of limitations in their lives.

UCI Illuminations AHUA

Viewpoint Gallery - California Modern Irvine Style April 18 – 25, 2016

California Modern, Irvine Style

Examines the history of UCI’s master plan and the city of Irvine in relation to American modernism and higher education and early 1960s Utopianism. The aim is to define Pereira’s legacy and influence on contemporary developments in campus architecture and urbanism. Curated by Kevin Staniec, City of Irvine.

UCI Illuminations

Microscopy Photo Exhibit April 1 – 14, 2016

Microscopy Photo Exhibit

Biological research involves sophisticated microscopy of biological specimens. The resulting images are beautiful and often illuminating as they reveal the typically unseen structure of the natural world. Featured photographs of biological specimens captured by UCI undergraduate students.

UCI Illuminations

Vietnamese Focus: Generations of Stories March 7 – 30, 2016

Vietnamese Focus: Generations of Stories

Showcases the diversity of the Vietnamese community in Orange County, the largest outside of Vietnam. Includes interactive features, photographs, documents, artifacts, ephemera, artwork, and oral histories from private collections, the Vietnamese American Oral History Project, and the Orange County and Southeast Asian Archive Center (OC&SEAA) at the UCI Libraries. The showing is informed by a new book, Vietnamese in Orange County by Thuy Vo Dang, Linda Trinh Vo, and Tram Le. Featured in the exhibition are original artwork by Trinh Mai.

UCI Illuminations Vietnamese American Oral History Project Orange County and Southeast Asian Archive Center Trinh Mai

Mission Viejo Bears About Town October 19 – November 6, 2015

Mission Viejo Bears About Town

Commemorating the magnificent brown bears that once roamed the area, and the unique culture heritage of Mission Viejo. Designed to celebrate the bond between the original and various ethnic groups comprising our community, the nine-bear collection represents a family knitting together the unique and rich cultural heritage and legacy upon which the City of Mission Viejo was founded.

Blood in the Water September 18 – October 9, 2015

Blood in the Water: Remembering Katrina

Exhibit of photographs taken shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coasts and the city of New Orleans.

UCI Illuminations

Music in Motion

Photo courtesy of the Pacific Symphony

May 11 – 14, 2015

Music in Motion

Interactive dance project by UCI dance and media arts professor John Crawford.

UCI Illuminations

Light: Beyond the Bulb May 1 – 6, 2015

Light: Beyond the Bulb

An open-source international exhibition program that showcases the incredible variety of light-based science being researched today across the electromagnetic spectrum, across scientific disciplines, and across technological platforms.

UCI Illuminations Light: Beyond the Bulb Exhibit

Altered Perceptions April 16 – 17, 2015

Altered Perceptions

Art meets science in this 3rd annual exhibit organized by UCI’s Art History Undergraduate Association. The diversity of academic interests across the UC Irvine campus and the synergy of art and science inspired this year’s theme.

UCI Illuminations