The purpose of the UCI Student Center Board of Advisors is to improve the Center’s operations and services.

The Board of Advisors:

The Board of Advisors is comprised of at-large students and representatives from Student Government, the UCI Alumni Association and staff. The Board of Advisors meets every other week during the academic year.

UCI Student Center Board of Advisors Guidelines

Student Center Board of Advisors Guidelines

Student Center Board of Advisors Members

  • Jennifer Marroquin, Chair
  • Zoe Zhao, Vice Chair
  • Julian Dae, Secretary

At Large Board Members

  • Siddharth Baranwal
  • Tzu Ksin (Kelsy) Chou
  • Matthew Robert Jansing
  • Min Kyo Jeon
  • Mebin Mathew Kuriakose
  • Rey Luo
  • Phuc Pham
  • Zhiwen Wang
  • Sui Feng Xu

Staff Board Members

  • Stacey L. Murren, Director · Student Center & Event Services
  • Darlene Esparza, Director · Student Organizations
  • Jade Agua, Director · Cross-Cultural Center
  • Thomas Nguyen, Student Center Rep
  • Tracy La, ASUCI Rep
  • Kate Forrest, AGS Rep
  • Daryl Han, Alumni Association Rep
Student Center Board of Advisors


The Student Center Board of Advisors is interested in hearing suggestions and comments from the campus community. Meetings are held every other week at 4:00 p.m. in the Student Center and are open to the public.


For formal proposals to the Student Center Board of Advisors, suggestions for improvement or additions to the facility, please email to request to be added to the next meeting agenda. In preparing your presentation, please provide information about the benefits to the campus, any potential costs associated and a business plan if applicable.


For more information, please contact